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The Moran Family

Baby Branson

Scroll down to see updates as the Moran family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

Update 6/4/24

At our 20 week anatomy scan we learned that our baby boy, Branson, was diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). We then were transferred downtown Houston at CMHH and found out Branson’s case was a severe left sided case, and had less than a 50% survival rate. The doctors gave us an option to try and improve Branson’s survival rate close to 10% and may shorten his time in the hospital, called Feto Surgery. Between 27-29 weeks, they place a balloon into your unborn baby’s airways for several weeks and around 34 weeks they will go in and remove the balloon. But, there are several qualifications that needed to be done before you were approved for this surgery. Firstly, you had to have the amniocentesis done in order to know if there was any other genetic disorders. In order for the surgery, there has to be no other genetic issues. Secondly, you have to be within 30 minutes of the hospital, because with this surgery, there are risks you could go into labor early and would need to be closer since the balloon will be in the baby. After a couple of weeks of doing the amniocentesis, we were told that our genetic testings came back good. So, now we needed to figure out about relocating closer, so we moved from Onalaska Texas to Humble Texas. But, unfortunately Humble was 35 minutes from the hospital and with traffic it could cause us to be an hour away or more. My social worker gave us some options on places to stay, like the Ronald McDonald housing until the balloon is taken out. On May 29th, we went in for our Feto surgery and it’s been a week since I’ve had it done, now every week until the balloon is taking out we will have to see the doctor for improvement of Branson’s condition. I cannot be left alone for any reason and will need an adult with me at all times in case something happens. So, now me and my husband are both without work due to me not being able to be by myself, luckily I worked at a school, and still get paid until August, but my whole check is gone and going straight to our rent at our new place in Humble. So, we won’t have any other income coming in besides that. We are forever grateful for the financial grant from Eden Calhoun. This grant will help us pay for our groceries, and gas going back and forth to the doctor each week along with other bills and necessities that will be needed. 

The Moran Family
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