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For families
apply for a grant

Please read through our guidelines before opening an application at the bottom of the page.

The Eden Calhoun Charitable Fund wants to financially support families relocating to a hospital to provide adequate care for their CDH-diagnosed child. If you or someone you know qualifies using the guidelines below, please apply for a grant at the bottom of the page!

"Do we qualifY?"
In order to qualify for our monthly grants, our requirements are:

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Diagnosis of CDH

Your child must have a diagnosis of CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) from a licensed medical professional. You must be able to provide proof of the diagnosis in your application. Babies with the more severe cases and who have a high chance of receiving ECMO will receive priority over others.

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Relocate 50+ miles

You and/or your family must be relocating 50 miles or more away from your current residential address. Our first priority is assisting families relocating to CMHH in Houston, TX, but we also currently assist families relocating to JHACH in St. Pete, FL, and CHOP in Philadelphia, PA. (If your family isn't relocating to one of these 3 locations, please still apply and talk to your hospital's CDH coordinator to see if we can start assisting!)

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Admission into hospital

Grants are given to families from the time they relocate until their baby is discharged from the hospital. As your baby is discharged (whoo!), monthly grants will stop being sent. These grants do not apply for families with older children needing a surgery - children must be fully admitted to a hospital for a period of time.

Advisory board guidelines

  • The Eden Calhoun Charitable Fund Advisory Board will review applications and accept/deny applicants depending on qualifications and/or ECCF's current case load.

  • Applicant must be able to provide proof of child's CDH diagnosis (this can be a simple, short letter from a doctor/nurse practitioner, the LHR percentage, etc.)

  • Applicant must consent to providing at least 1 picture of child and/or family and a short narrative describing the child's/family's story before receiving 1st initial grant from our charity. It's important for our donors and future potential families to see who we are helping on our website and social media! (We understand more than anyone how important privacy is as your baby is fighting hard to get healthy - please message us if you have questions/concerns about this!) 

  • The Advisory Board will review applications year around, and decisions will be made towards the end of the month the applicant applied. An email with the decision will be sent. 

  • If accepted, applicants will receive grants up to 4 months if needed. If the applicants are still relocated, they must reapply for the grant.

  • Monthly grant amounts are dependent on current funds and have the possibility of changing over time.

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