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The Biener Family

Baby Owen

Scroll down to see updates as the Biener family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

Owen Daniel Biener was born on June 8th 2023 with a left sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a heart condition called truncus arteriosus, and a genetic condition called Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome.  Our family has relocated from Long Island, NY to ensure Owen can get the best care possible for him at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Owen had surgery to repair his CDH on June 20th and open heart surgery on June 23rd.  Owen has remained in the hospital ever since, 3 months encounting.  Owen has successfully weaned off breathing support and is working on tolerating full feeds through his stomach.  Now that his big sister Hanorah has started kindergarten, our family of 6 is working to adjust to our new normal. As a single income family experiencing a loss of income, rising utility bills, car repairs, an unexpected surgery for our dog McKinley, and gas and tolls; any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Update 9/28

Owen is continuing to make progress with feeding. We have begun speaking a case manager regarding discharge as soon as next week. We are hopeful to come home soon and continue our progress. We initially thought we would stay until Owen can tolerate oral feeds but the team has helped us realize that it is absolutely fine to go home with an NG tube. It has been especially challenging this month as our oldest daughter has started Kindergarten in New York, so needless to say the changes have been especially hard on her. She is asking us every day when baby Owen and Mommy are coming back home. 

Thank you for the wonderful work your organization is doing.

Update 11/2

We are very pleased to let you know Owen was discharged the first week of October. He is making great progress at home and his older sisters and brother are so happy to have him home. Thank you so much for all the work you do.

The Biener Family
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