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The Martinez Family

Baby Cruz

Scroll down to see updates as the Martinez family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

At 20 weeks we were told our baby boy was diagnosed with a rare condition called CDH. He has a hernia in his left side of the chest. We were sent from Odessa, Texas to Houston, Texas for a second opinion. We moved to Pasadena at 34 weeks to prepare for our baby. He was born a few days later. He is currently in the NICU ON A Ventilator and meds to keep stable. We are scheduled to have repair surgery Monday 12/4/23. We are so proud of his strength and endurance! He is loved by us his parents & his big sister! This grant would help us with housing and food while we are 9 hours from our home. We are so thankful so such kindness and generosity from each person involved.

Update 12/29/23

This month our baby turned a month old. He has graduated from the ventilator to “home” oxygen. We are currently working on learning to drink from a bottle.

Update 1/31/24

Our baby Cruz has finally discharged from the NICU just shy of his 2 month mark. We have been sent home with oxygen and a pulse reader to make sure he’s safe all day. He is still working in his bottle feeding but doing great!! We are so thankful! 

The Martinez Family
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