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The Perez Family

Baby Amari Joy

Scroll down to see updates as the Perez family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

Update 4/21

Our Daughter Amari Joy, was born with a severe LCDH with a grade D defect. She is on ecmo and had her CDH repair don't on get 3rd day of life. She just had successful open heart surgery as well on her 7th day of life and she has been nothing but a fighter through everything! She has shown us that she has all the spirit, faith and will to live and we will continue to do everything we can to take our baby girl home, happy and healthy Mom, Dad and big sister are so blessed of having her in our life, and for grants like this that help our family in one of the hardest moments of our life. We had to move 11 hours away from home, quit our jobs and focus on our family and with this type of help, we are only more blessed.

The Perez Family
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