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The Smith-Adrian Family

Baby Tafari

Scroll down to see updates as the Smith-Adrian family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

Update 7/3/24

My family and I learned we were pregnant in September 2023 at 4 weeks gestation. We had our first ultrasound in the 5th week and saw that we were having di di twins.  We were excited and overwhelmed at the same time. We decided to do early genetic testing and it came back atypical finding. This could mean something or nothing, so we opted to do an early anatomy scan.  During our 17th week we learned Baby A (Tafari) had CDH.  This turned our lives upside down.  We were distraught. I had seen CDH before in practice, but never did I think it would affect me directly. Once I got over the shock I started researching CDH, facilities that treat CDH and support groups. Based on the outcomes listed by John Hopkins All Children's Hospital and patient testimonials we opted to relocate to St. Petersburg, Florida at 34 weeks. This meant I had to stop working earlier than I had planned. I do not have any maternity benefits beyond short term disability, but will be staying in St. Petersburg for at least 12 weeks. The grant will assist with general finances and medical bills. Thank you for all your love and support!

The Smith-Adrian Family
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