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The Taborsky Family

Baby Thea

Scroll down to see updates as the Taborsky family progresses in their CDH Journey! (All updates are written and given by parents with consent)

Update 5/2/24

Our family consists of myself (Lauren), my husband Chris, and our 23 month old daughter, Hazel. We were so excited to learn we were pregnant with another baby girl, but at our 20 week anatomy scan we found out that our baby was diagnosed with CDH. After some research, we ended up consulting at Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston TX where it was determined that our baby was classified as severe LCDH with an estimated 4-5 month NICU stay. Given our baby's severity and the incredible team we met with in Houston that has a CDH dedicated center, we decided to relocate from Georgetown to Houston TX, 3 hours away, to give our daughter the best chance. These funds will be extremely helpful for our family to be used towards relocation expenses, including housing and hospital parking, so that we can be close to our little girl during her time in the NICU while we continue to pay our mortgage back home. 

Our CDH girl, Theodora Taborsky, was born on 4/30/24. She was doing fantastic until about 24 hours after arriving, where her oxygen levels dropped rapidly so they decided to put her onto ECMO. We are so grateful for this organization for allowing us the ability to relocate and give our daughter a fighting chance.

Update 5/8/24

Also wanted to share a happy update on Thea. After only 5 days, she was taken off of ECMO. She has been doing great and had breast milk for the first time through her feeding tube yesterday!

The Taborsky Family
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